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 love Comics, Superhero's which got me into art from a really early age. This was great because comics also taught me to read more, more than school did back then. Not the teachers fault. My teachers were amazing. But I didn't have interest until I got introduced to Spiderman, Batman and Scooby doo comics. Yes what a mix, but they all drew me in. Then School introduced me to a series of kids books, i think! called " The 3 pirates@ ? and I learnt to read properly.
Not long after i saw a Super Hero series that captivated me " Wonder Woman " My mates at school were being Superman and Batman. I wanted to be Wonder Woman LOL. Not to be female, I just loved the way she transformed with a truth rope and OMG and invisible plane. Hey i was 6, I didn't have a clue then i got older and fell in love with Linda Carter, think I still have that crush to this date in 2019.( I JUST THINK I LIKED GETTING DIZZY BACK THEN).
Then Science Fiction came along. WOW. Blew my mind. I got to watch Star Wars - That changed my life forever. The imagination about other universes being out their, new life, new ideas and a force that brings us together to talk, chat, shake hands and tell each other our story's. WOW wouldn't that be amazing.
Then just when I thought I had it all no! - Fantasy took me further into this weird and wonderful world " The Lord of the Rings CARTOON 1978" Then " The Dark Crystal ".You ain't seen nothing yet till you watched them. Again how much more could this world of entertainment give me. Then Horror - HOLY SHIT. That's it hooked straight away. I needed to learn how this stuff was done. I needed to learn how it was all done and I learnt it. Thing is in the UK back then we had no way of putting this into a skill. To be honest the kids over still don't, they still do not get help in direction they want to go.
I began to learn everything I could. But I was that young then - But then too now I can realise my ideas and put them into reality. That's what i want to do with my website. Create and Animate and share with everyone out their.
I grew up with films and TV shows like
Star Crash
Battle beyond the stars
Breakdance 1 and 2
Grease 1 and 2
ALL Danny Kaye Films
Ice Pirates
Heavey Metal
Tuff Turf
The origonal FRIGHT NIGHT 1 and 2
Spaced Invaders
Blakes 7
The Doberman Gang
All Disney - like - Cat from outa space, bednobs and broomsticks and many more
Fraggle Rock
Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon
Transfomers G1
Heman and Shera
Space Angle
Sport Billie and many many more.
But my Favorite 3 films of all time are " ZORRO THE GAY BLADE " and " ROCKULA" and " THE LAST DRAGON".
So I am now taking the next step and trying to teach myself animation. So I can bring my story's and art work too life. I don't believe your ever too old to learn something new. So I'm looking for like minded groups via twitter, instagram and other places. My major goal is to create and amazing piece of animated work to share.
I could go on and on here. But i don't want to bore you all. But i do hope you enjoy this site as much as I have creating it.

A World of Creation

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